Race day. Driving me round the bend

Exercise Race day: https://www.codecademy.com/courses/introduction-to-javascript/projects/race-day

My code:
let raceNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * 1000);
const registeredEarly = false;
let runnerAge = 18;
if (runnerAge > 18 && registeredEarly) {raceNumber += 1000}
else {raceNumber};

if(runnerAge > 18 && registeredEarly) {
console.log(You will race at 9.30am ${raceNumber});
} else if (runnerAge > 18 && !registeredEarly) {
console.log(You will race at 11.00am number ${raceNumber});
} else if (runnerAge < 18) {
console.log(you will run at 12.30 ${raceNumber});
} else {
console.log(‘please visit registration’);

The last else is always purple and does not execute the statement. I tried rewriting and reworking it. I’m most likely missing something obvious but I honestly can’t see it. Anyone have any idea why? before I go crazy, cheers :slight_smile:

EDIT: it works but why is the last "else’ in purple not blue?


Shouldn’t you be using backticks in your console logs?