Race Day - calling the variable won't work?

I keep trying to call the variable raceNumber in my console.log, but it is not registering as a called variable. Anyone else having this issue? Can anyone see what I need to change in my code?

let raceNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * 1000); let Early = true; let age = 19; if (Early && age > 18){ raceNumber += 1000; } if (Early && age > 18){ console.log('Race will begin at 9:30. Your race number is: ${raceNumber}.') }

The condition on line 8 is the same as that on line 5.


In addition to what mtf said, note how you’re using quotation marks for your strings? In order to use template literals, which is where one embeds a variable’s value into a string, you need back ticks:

let a = "world";
//not template literal:
console.log("hello ${a}");//prints: hello ${a}

//template literal:
console.log(`hello ${a}`);//prints: hello world

But I am using back ticks. The string in line 10 is enclosed in back ticks.

…nevermind. I was using inverted commas, not back ticks. Thank you!

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