R not loading code, period!

Hi. My issue is pretty much as posted above. I know another user has posted the same issue and solutions suggested were to copy/paste the data and restart the project. I am fine doing that but with some of these projects…it’s a lot of work. I didn’t have this problem before so I’m wondering if it is project specific or something else.

I’ll be working on the Museums project, for example, and I’ll reach a new section of the project. I’ll type in code, “save” and load my results in and the white sidebar(with all the code) will NOT reflect my new code. I’ll try again and again, check my code, and it won’t update. At this point the code is not the issue. Nothing I type in will update in the white sidebar. Any suggestions? I’m using Edge 98 which I’ve always used.

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I have the same issue for the same project (Data visualization in R: Museums and Nature Centers).
The project.nb.html will not update with my code changes. I’ve made it through #10, and confirmed that my code is correct.

If I reset the project and slowly add my code back in, The window will update once or twice and then quit.

UPDATE: I found my issue. Some of the dataframe columns have a period at the end of the name
(e.g. Region.Code…AAM. , State…Administrative.Location. , etc…). I left one period off and that’s all it took to prevent the whole page from loading.

So, basically, any tiny mistake (function typo, syntax error, etc…) breaks the entire html.