Quote "Remix" Generator

Hi everyone!

I just wrapped up the Mixed Messages portfolio project and figured I would post it here for some general feedback, as well as get involved with the Codecademy community! :slight_smile:

My program takes famous movie quotes, and replaces the action verbs and nouns to change the content of the sentence. Currently I have only included two quotes to test for basic functionality, along with a small suite of nouns and verbs across different tenses. As I continue in my programming journey in the full-stack path, I plan to add a front-end once I gain the necessary HTML/CSS ability, as well as expand the resource base of quotes, verbs, and nouns for the program.

I found this project relatively easy - it took a little over an hour to complete, much of which was spent learning how to read .txt files with JS. I would love any general feedback on the quality of my code, or anything else I could improve.


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