Quote Generator

Hi Andrew,

I think that this project was supposed to be built for the Command Line Interface (CLI) rather than the Web.
That said, I liked that you incorporated user input into the Generator to make it a little more interesting/unique.

I took a look at your code, here is my feedback which is mostly concerning readability:

  1. Remove commented code where it doesn’t do anything or provide any useful information for the reviewer or future developer.
  2. Use your addQuote method rather than the constructor to make the code more easily readable. (Or if you prefer using the constructor then use that and remove the use of addQuote?)
  3. Think about storing your image array in the Feeling object too so that all things relating to a Feeling are kept together in one place to reduce complexity later on.
  4. Think about code style including clean indentation and ordering/grouping of your code.
  5. Your RandSelector functions would be a great place to start your redundant code cleanup that you mentioned.

I hope that you’re enjoying the course and that my feedback is useful.

If you get an opportunity, I’d love your feedback on my take on the project → Mixed Messages Portfolio Project Review Request