Quote API -- how to use POST in Postman

Kept trying to check POST on Postman… but I constantly get 400 Bad request.
My steps:

  1. Select POST, localhost:4001/api/quotes
  2. Body → Raw → json
  3. {“quote”: {“quote”:“bla”, “person”:“Anna”}}

What am I doing wrong? The code seems correct, it works in the browser.
I also tested POSTMAN, POST on the solution provided by Codecademy - but no success.

Do you have a link to the lesson you’re referring to?
Also, what items are checked under the “Headers” tab?

Thank you for replying.

Here link to the project:

Here post request:

app.post('/api/quotes', (req, res, next) => {
  const quoteQuery = req.query.quote;
  const personQuery = req.query.person;

  if(quoteQuery !== undefined && personQuery !== undefined) {
    const newQuoteObject = {
        quote: quoteQuery,
        person: personQuery
    res.send({quote: newQuoteObject});
  } else {

And attached headers