Quote API/ Difference between GET and POST req.query

I can’t understand difference between GET request query and POST.

About Quote API,
The GET req.query is undefined. (if form is invalid),
but POST req.query is ’ ’ (it’s string?).

What’s different?
Because POST request has ‘body’?

Please let me know…

TutorialsPoint has an article on the topic that explains the difference between the two.

In terms of application to Express… Try this CodeForGeek article.

Thank you for your reply.

POST carries request parameter in message body when it sends a request.
But, GET don’t have message body and carries request parameter in URL string.

As a result, GET Request Query should be ‘undefined’ when I don’t input anything to form.
But POST Request Query is not ‘undefined’ because they have message body (ex. {quote: , person:

Is my understanding correct?