Quotation form REQUEST?

Hello All,

I am trying to come up with an online quotation system for my website, but I have no clue where to begin.
With my knowledge of coding being pretty much non-existent, I am here to ask for your help.

I would like to create a calculating system. To give you a rough idea see, http://diapol.co.uk/quote/… Only difference is, my system should provide a price at the end.

Please let me know if you require any further information.

The three things you absolutely need are: html + css (For the layout and style of your page), a database (mysql) to store all the different options (including the price)

Then you need a server side language, there are 3 main options:
php (additional for php is a framework)
python with django framework
ruby with ruby on rails framework

Php is the easiest to get going, and if you don’t know python and ruby, i would choice php.

■■■■, that is so much to do for one thing.

Thank you, for the reply.

Is there anyone on here that can possibly carry out this task for me? Even if it means making a small donation to the website or directly to the person who does it?

Just to elaborate a little bit more… There will be around 200 items which will require a price tag. With this price tag the system should just simply add all the information together to calculate total.

There is another complication… a granite slab is 3000mm x 1400mm. When the customer puts in their dimensions, the system also needs to calculate whether 1 slab is required or if the sizes exceed this and will take into consideration the cost of a second slab.

If someone should agree to do it, I will be in constant contact showing various options which will need to be added.


Well, if you wanted to get this task done by someone, i am not sure this is the right place to ask.

I do have a question for you first, how are going to keep track of who orders? Or doesn’t it matter? If you want to track this, you will need a user authentication system in the webapp.

For server side What he listed arent the only Main Options…

You should learn Go for the server side… Its an awesome lang! Dont strict your self to php/python/ruby at all… I dont even know python/ruby

And why should we learn GO as a server side language? You where convinced you should webapps in clientside

Go is fast, but it is not the easiest to program on server side

Haha your saying you shouldnt learn Go as a server side language? And yes i was actually convinced i should learn client-side, but im a human. I change. And you said:

Its particularly not hard at all for me… The only thing i got stumbled a little bit upon is understanding the logic of concurency.
Go is a millon times faster than PHP.
And GO vs Python and Ruby is explained here.

Disclaimer: m not saying Go is better than PHP/Python/Ruby, its a persons oppinon. You may love PHP… Somone else may love Some other language as a server side. Its an oppinon

Additonal Insights: The go community is very good. Thier out thier to help you out with your strugles. As well as there is many packages in go here.

But why would you recommend GO for this project sjx0 wants to do? I think production speed here here is more important the speed of the server. Also, from your comparison:

  • Go is very unforgiving but I kinda like it. It’s like Python but with pyflakes switched on all the time.
  • Go is much more verbose than Python. It just takes so much more lines to say the same thing
    The biggest bottleneck is going to be the network speed either way. From the looks of it, it is easier to deploy a app in django/rails/php then GO.

In this purpose i picked the language here which supports fast deployment. Sometimes, i don’t put every detail in my answer because then the answers become really lengthy with very boring details

I dont care about the “easiness” about a project. I care about how “good” the app is, not how “easy” the app is to do. And im not reccomeding him to learn Go for this single project. Im reccomending him Go for his future projects. Here is a good article to read about Go vs NodeJS. Anways i cant speak more now i have to go to school.

But the whole point of this topic is to help sjx0 deploy a webapp. Then picking a language which is still relatively new might not be the best suite.

A recommendation not relevant to the current discussion, cluttering the topic. [quote=“amanuel2, post:5, topic:33783”]
You should learn Go for the server side… Its an awesome lang! Dont strict your self to php/python/ruby at all… I dont even know python/ruby

this ^ doesn’t sound like a recommendation for future projects, but also the current project

@sjx0, as you see, the are more options, but i on purpose picked the 3 which allow you to develop a project easily, and easy deploy. GO is a great language, but rather unforgiving, and i think it is unsuitable to build a webapp quickly, and a easy deploy

Ok im in school. This is the last thing im gonna say here. “I care about how the app is, rather than how easy/quickly it is to deploy an app”. I like giving time and giving hardwork to what is a great language. I dont know about you @sjx0 . Its your oppinon

A app which can be build quickly and deployed quickly, can still be really good. There are many (including big sites) which use rails (codecademy), django (quora) and php (facebook). Spending a lot of time on building an app in your spare time is fine, but if you want to actually deploy the app, this is impractical (time consuming + expensive)

Okay, it seems we have the following options for you:

  • nodejs
  • go
  • django
  • rails
  • php

All these language are suitable to build a webapp, seems you need to do some research and decide which one you want to pick, if you let someone build the app, let them pick

Thank you both for the very relevant information. It is an eye opener to understand the types of methods which can be used to create the same finished product.

As stated above, my experience in these fields are non-existent.

Is there someone on this forum who could possibly carry out this task for me?


Well, i can make a basic app in django depending on the details. If you don’t want to code it, you can also take a look if wordpress offers enough features to build your site

I am making the website on Wix. They offer a feature to EMBED a website. Which will allow to embed any coding used on the website. The feature should work. If it does not, I can always request them to add it onto my website manually.


If no experience with wix, i think you will have to go in search for someone who can program it for you (which most likely mean you need to pay), which language does wix offer?

No idea?
As its a drag and drop web design it does not require any coding.

The design platform does have over 1000 apps, which I doubt they are all created on the same language.

So you are just going to use one of those? Good luck!