Quizzes on Chrome: 'Something has gone wrong'

Version 87.0.4280.66 (Official Build) (64-bit)

quizzes will not reload either immediately after a refresh or after 1-2 questions. This has happened every time since yesterday so far. Microsoft Edge works better and doesn’t do this most of the time. I have tried clearing cache and refreshing.


I am getting the same error. You are not alone. I wish Codecademy would fix this, since it’s one of the features that is supposed to be included for paying customers…

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Sorry to hear this @bazeroni and @happyhourhero :frowning:

Could you post a link to some of the quizzes this is happening on?

I would recommend reading through the troubleshooting guides, as they can usually fix most loading problems:

It happens on every quiz I’ve tried so far. I’m on the computer science path and began experiencing this issue from Linear Data Structures and now the issue still persists at my current place in Complex Data Structures.

I’m using Chrome and the quizzes in the CS course seem to load fine :thinking:

Did you try going through the troubleshooting guides?

yes. cleared all-time cache and browsing history.

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I receive this same error

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Also receiving this error on every quiz I’ve tried while using Chrome. The error doesn’t seem happen on Safari. I imagine no fixes will come for this until next week due to the holiday. I guess I’m a Safari user this weekend.

Edit: After doing a quiz in Safari and then returning Chrome, the quizzes seem to load properly.

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I am receiving the same error page when trying to complete quizzes on desktop using Chrome. I’ve cleared cache and refreshed. I’ve noticed it in the Node.js and HTML courses.

Through troubleshooting I’ve found the following:

  • I’m able to complete the quiz by opening it on mobile (android) and requesting desktop mode.
  • It appears to happen with a specific question. When I run on desktop I am able to answer some questions but eventually the error page appears when I try to move to the next question. For the Node.js quiz I was able to answer almost all the questions. Once I was able to open the quiz in mobile, I noticed 1 question that I had not previously seen while on desktop. All the other questions were the same and I was able to complete the quiz.
  • On some quizzes the issue appears to be connected to multiple questions.
  • Because questions are randomized, it may or may not happen upon starting the quiz.
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@alyssavigil, is there anything you can recommend here?

That gif is super tiny, sorry.

I’m now also getting the error on mobile browser running in request desktop mode. Android Chrome.

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Same problem here. What is the solution?