Quizzes/Articles Not Loading Properly (Chrome)

When clicking into and loading quizzes and articles on Chrome, the formatting is continually messed up. Many times now, I’ve had to reload dozens of time per page, or click out of and back into a page. I’ve tried shutting my browser down and reloading. The only trick tried-and-true that I’ve found is opening Inspect/DevTools on the page and then reloading and then it’s formatted correctly.

For quizzes, the Div they’re in will load correctly for about one second and then collapse into a tiny rectangle that’s about 20px tall. The articles just show up without a scroll bar and the inability to Page Down.

If anyone’s dealt with this and has found a permanent solution other than inspecting every time, please let me know.

What path/course are you referring to where this issue is happening?
Did you happen to report a bug here?