Quiz question not covered in lesson

I couldn’t find information in the lesson about this question in the quiz. Please add it, or show me my error. :slight_smile:


1.Every html element gives a default style to text or any other data we insert inside them.

2.Its obvious that second option is wrong.

3.Prevents markup adjustments ? As we’re talking about one element here which is not settled in a web page with other elements. (Point me out if you get other thoughts on this one)

4.This is general rule to avoid unexpected behavior of web page so its more of a rule than the cause of what will effect/benefit of putting text inside the <p> tag.

Thanks for your reply, but I wasn’t looking for an explanation. I didn’t see anything in the lesson material prior to this quiz that would provide an answer to the question.

If I overlooked something, I would appreciate someone pointing it out. If not, the question should be removed, or pertinent material added to the lesson. I don’t think it’s fair to ask a question on material that wasn’t covered.

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