Quiz q ? home_try_on h? purchase p?

I may be missing something but I’m not sure I understand why these three table names have a single character following them in the hint statement. Any ideas ?


I think it is possible shorthand coding for “quiz AS q”, “home_try_on AS h”, and “purchase AS p” which should allow us to reference the Quiz table as q instead of writing the whole reference out like quiz.some_column_name.

Although I think I understand it, if what I said above is correct, it’s not good practice to implement a coding technique without explaining it on a website that is teaching coding.

Also, when I ran the queries, even with the code the site provided, I couldn’t get any results. I also didn’t get results in the first Funnels lesson on the last step. Anyone else having problems with getting results to show in the query display?

Yes, I am having trouble with the Warby Parker Usage Funnels project Step 5 as well. The query returns no results, even when I eliminate the aliasing and write out the names of the tables every time. :frowning:

Are you still having trouble with this? They fixed one of the lessons in Mattresses and More, the other problem in the Warby Parker one was my own fault.

When I run out of steam for troubleshooting, I copy my solution over to a text editor, get the solution, and compare. I still don’t know what I did wrong on Warby Parker, but I imagine it was a misplaced comma or semicolon. Thanks for checking in.