Quiz Creation and taking program: Saving the questions locally!

This a terminal-based quiz generator.
It lets you choose which kind of user you want to be, a questions creator or a quiz taker.
If you choose creation, you can add True or False or Multiple Options questions.
The questions can have as many options as you want (2, 3 or 4 are suggested but not mandatory)
You can also create as many questions as you want and they will be locally stored in a JSON file.
If you choose to be the quiz taker you have to provide the name of the JSON file and then the questions will be rendered.
At the end you get the results on how much were right or wrong.
I had plenty of fun and spent 2 days developing the idea of locally persistent questions.
Please, if you can check the code and provide reviews i will appreciate it!. Thanks

Link: GitHub - GamezConZ/nice-try