Quitting Python to do html, -> css, --> js?

hi, im about 26% of the way through the Python course, and recently thought that, my main goal is to be able to build websites and get some experience before college, i feel like i would be doing more if i learnt html and css, then move onto js and then i can start making some websites and improve on my own from there from actual experience. is this a good idea or should i stick with python?

Hi, the right question is: do you know what you want to do with pyhton? Why did you start this course? If you really want to do web sites, go for javascript but in my opinion, Python is currently much more attractive for work positions. And if you continue with Python, which library do you want to learn and for what? I think that’s the key to you question. It is not just learning Python. Python is a gate to a lot of things but you have to choose a path.

You can use a python web framework like Flask or Django