Quick reference needed


can i get an Quic ref of Funktions and comand
I cant spel so i need an Quick palse to see speling and
WHAT DID % do and mean
or what is ==
is ther no quick ref for that ???
Is ther no Dyselectic that trye to code ?
Same gos to the forumn i cant finde any proper palse to put questions about Syntax
The bigest problem for me IS syntax if it is spelled Hi or Hii or hi
For me % is procent of somthing but in phyton it is somthing else
same whit ** that i newer seen befor so that did stuck somwhat that it is “uphöjttill” in swedish

Can some one give me an hint wher to get an quick ref for comands (lathund in swedish)


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I am Dyslexic, and have to work hard everyday on my rote skills, especially writing and typing. It is not easy, and does not come without a LOT of practice. Will you find any sympathetic learners out there in the real world? Sadly, only a very few who will take an interest in your problems if it means sacrificing their own ambitions in the process.

As for quick reference, the Python docs are about the quickest, but it will take some effort on your part to locate and bookmark them, then start familiarizing yourself with how they are arranged so you can find new terms as you learn them and top up your knowledge. This is a lengthy process that will take years of commitment on your part. Everything you do in that regard will have a spin-off effect in all your other areas of study. Only you can do the work and pour yourself into the task of learning and advancing.

Not just Python, pretty much all programming languages use this operator for the same thing… Modulo (remainder).

17 / 5  =>  3 plus 2 / 5  =>  3 * 5 + 2  => 17

17 % 5  =>  2

In Python, as in many other languages, = is for assignment only, not equality. == is a comparison operator that tests for equality (both values are the same in value and in type).

"1" == 1  =>  False    (one is a string, the other a number)