Quick question to understand variables after 'for'


names = ["List"]
for names in names

I was able to get the code to work but I don't understand how you go about determing the variables between 'for' and 'in' and after 'in'. I see 'items' and other words being thrown around a lot and I'm just not getting it.

Thanks in advance!!


The variable after for can be anything you want so long as it is not a reserved word and you use it consistently thereafter. The item after in will be the item through which you want to iterate.


Oh gosh! Thanks! That definitely cleared things up a little. It was bugging me so bad. Just need a little more practice. You're quite the answer hero around here. Thanks for doing what you do =)

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Nah, just an overzealous new guy trying to be helpful but not spoil the learning. Fare thee well.


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