Quick question - Python


Two quick questions about this project:

  1. In line 1 why does it require this format: [(…)…(…)…)]
    Other lists seem to just require [ ]
    What’s going on here?

  2. In line 12 why does the gradebook.append require 2 (( ))
    I thought append (as in the other lines) only require 1 ( )

Any advice?

Thank you very much,

I believe those values wrapped in parenthesis are what is called tuples, and those tuples are the values of those elements in the list.


Append only requires one, but as @psmilliorn said, there is a tuple in the append too. This problem consists mainly of tuples. The append function is appending a tuple. This is what I believe.

What I mean is that it is adding a tuple to the list, gradebook.