Quick question about Table structure

Hello, I was wondering if somebody could help me to finish this small project I’m working on .

This is what my table is supposed to look like, but I cannot figure out how to include the Gas Giants and Ice Giants headers into the table without throwing off the entire format and structure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

You will need to create enough columns so that the gas giants and ice giants have their own column. You’d then need to use the col-span attribute to adjust it. I’m just trying to give a hint, but if you need more help, just ask!

That makes sense and ive been trying to accomplish this with no joy. I tried to post my code from vs code here but it did not post correctly so ive only attached the head code. If you need to see anymore code please advise me on how to do it effectively ha ha, I am brand new to all of this.
Thank you

Name Mass(1024 kg Diameter(km) Density(km/m3 Gravity(m/s2

To post your code in the forums, see this topic.

ok, i think i understood that





  <th>Mass(10<sup>24</sup> kg</th>








  <th rowspan="4">Terrestrial Planets</th>





























  <th rowspan="4" colspan="">Jovian Planets</th>








Never mind, I got there in the end, definitely did not do it very efficiently but the finished product looks the way it is supposed to.

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Ok, sorry I couldn’t help more!