Quick JavaScript question

Hello, just a quick question.

I have basically learnt HTML and CSS I’m fairly confident if know enough of this but JavaScript how much do you need to learn to be able to code a fully functioning protfolio ready website?


It depends how interactive you’d like your portfolio to be. Technically, you could create a portfolio without a single line of JS. But that’s really up to you, and how you imagine it to be.

If your goal was to, say, display your skills in React – then yes, having your entire portfolio built with React would be great. That’d require quite some studying still.

If you simply want basic interactivity, then a few lines of vanilla JavaScript could do.

My recommendation would be to take the JavaScript course available, and build on from there.

Be patient, there’s no rush.

Good question. I am actually taking the JavaScript course even as we speak, and it’s going quite well. I’ve only been doing this for less than a week, and I am already about 40% through the presentations. Of course, there is so much on JavaScript, that this is only the beginning. My suggestion would be to try it and see if you enjoy it.

Happy New Year.

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