Questions in Githubs

I’ve just made a page via my local computer and upload it to the Github.
The site could appear perfectly in my local computer but not on the Github.
I think it’s probably the problem of the link source.
The picture is follow:

  1. What I have on my local computer:

The source is: file:///Users/yueyuan/git_practice/excursion/index.html

  1. What I have on the github. I think the problem is: it lost style.css

The source is: Excursion

  1. My code:

Many many thanks in advance!

if we could access the file like that, you would have a massive security flaw. We can’t access files on your local computer.

on github, the css rules are applied fine

Many thanks for your reply.
But I’m still not understand what’s wrong with my local source.
Here’s a screen shot I’m not able to add in my first question.
This is a result on my local file:

and this one is a result on Githib

The code is the same.

I’ve solved this trouble.
Actually it’s really the problem of the link.
Many thanks.
Best regards

weird, your github version looked just fine for me, even before you fixed it. But good that you solved it :slight_smile: