Questions about the site itself!

Im extremely new to ANY type of “coding” and just for fun wanting to learn python wanting to do some stuff for my twitch channel and some simple automation maybe?

Anyway on the codecademy site it suggested that I do the course “computer science” which was python and I learned a bunch!! it was super fun! However I started learning “git”? which im not interested in so I found the " Learn Python 3" course… I ASSUME that the learn python course would be best… just wanted to double check with someone more seasoned with python/codecademy to ensure im on the right path

Hi @abootgaming!
Git is used so you can save your code in “commits” so that if you need to go back to a previous version of the code. So for example, if you make a mistake, save the file, and push the changes without realizing it, you can revert to the previous version. Not a big deal if you don’t publish your changes, but still useful if you make mistakes.
Hope this answered your question