Questions about jquery/angularJS


At the moment i am very close to completing codecademys javascript course. And i am loving it.
It says i should move onto angular js and then jquery which i think is intergrating html into it.
But even with my html course pretty much done i still dont understand any of the jquery or angulerJS. What do i do?
Also is using $ similar to document.getElementById()?


Hi :slight_smile:

I'd probably complete the new Learn JavaScript course next. It'll be good revision for you and Lesson 5 is a good intro to jQuery and manipulating the DOM:

Then, you can take the Make an Interactive Website, which will start joining all your HTML/CSS/JavaScript knowledge together:

After that, you can dive deeper into jQuery with:

And, then finally I'd start on AngularJS to look at building single-page web apps:

The Make an Interactive Website course will be retired this Summer, and the jQuery course will be replaced with a new one, so I'd get cracking on these courses ASAP to give you time to finish them before the Summer.

Also, consider taking out a Pro subscription as you'll get over 30 projects for these courses to really test your new skills :slight_smile:

Good luck!

And $() is a shortcut for the jQuery() function. So you'll see $() a lot :slight_smile:

For example, once you've linked to the jQuery script from your web page, you'll be able to write code that selects page elements in loads of different ways using $('selector') and then do something cool with it using $('selector').methodName('parameter');.