Questions about Figma and Webflow


I am currently on the Web Dev path and have just finished the final module on CSS. Outside of CodeCademy I am now experimenting with creating offline HTML/CSS websites using VSCode and recently I stumbled across web design tools Figma as well as Webflow and I am tempted to starting using one of these (probably Figma), but before I do I would like to understand a couple of things:

Has anyone got any feedback from using either of these platforms?

What is the purpose of these platforms? Do these platforms =really generate the CSS and HTML code that reflects the design that has been created in the canvas? Or are these platforms only for creating a design specification sheet/image (like the .jpg design spec files that are used in some CodeCademy projects)?

For a Linux user, are there any other platforms that you would recommend? (I discovered Figma through searching for Adobe XD

Thank you.