If it has taken me 8 hours to get through "1.getting started" and most of 2."Functions" should I think about a different career?


Learning takes time, especially if we do the extra reading and follow-up with review and practice. As long as you are learning and making progress, stick with it. There is no time limit, so take all the time you need.

Everyone learns differently, but those who don't give up are the ones who eventually get somewhere.



Coding may not be fun (especially when you're coming from another educational background), but with consistency, it's eventually fun. Are you having any issues? Post it here: your attempted code and error(s)?

Thanks! :wink:


Yeah, thanks for the encouragement. I was told the java script portion should take about 15 hrs. I am only 1/4 the way through and I have been at it for half of that time. At this rate it will take me over 30 hrs and it getting more difficult. I am signed up to start a boot camp in March, and I'm wondering if it is taking me this long if I will be able to finish. Is Bootcamp the right route for someone like me?


Bootcamp could just be right for you. There, you get physical instructors who would understand your background and how to get you up to speed. Bootcamps are cool!


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