So , I finished a landing page or a simple 3 pages website for someone (using html css).

The client have his site and all things is okay :blush:
After a week he want to change the content of the landing page (different text and cover ) simple change .

So my question is , is there is a way he can modify the content without diving in the code ?? some sort of content management system or something ???

I had this question for long time ???

Can any body help


Well if you built your client a static website, then no there’s no way to modify the content other than modifying the code (so, yes, maintenance I suppose would be on you).

If you want your clients to be able to modify content on their pages, you’d have to use an exisisting CMS, or build your own and provide it as part of the service.

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Thanks a lot my friend :heart::heart::+1:

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I searched about CMS , and i found that WordPress is one of them !!

So , if want to use it as CMS for my website that i made , what should i do !!
If u have a video or an article that tell how please pass it

And thank you very much :blush::heart: