Hi Everyone … i wish you’ve enjoyed all the tutorials here in CodeCademy.
can i ask a question … when i was studying i saw that The Learn and Instruction and Forum Bare They reorganize when you finish each step of the navigation bare …
how can i create something like that and thanks again.


well, its not that simple. You would need a database to store a users progress and the users, so you can display how far the user progressed through the course

so you would need:

html, css and optional JS for front-end

then a database + backend language (php or golang or nodeJS or python or ruby)


Thanks For Your reply,it’s very helpful , one more question please if you don’t mind :slightly_smiling_face:
i was studying here and i saw that when i go to another windows like facebook or any website , codecademy detect that i’m not using the website and a message appears : Hey!are you still there.
i want to know how can i create it if possible .
thanks again
i love you .
Wassil ALLAL.


you can listen to events in the webbrowser:

this include key presses and mouser movement. Given this is for the active page/tab, codecademy knows you haven’t pressed any keys/haven’t moved the mouse in the lesson.

combined with a timeout event:

you can call a function after a certain time (inactivity)

that is the simple version of it


Thanks again for everything, really i helped me a lot i love you all.
Wassil ALLAL. :slight_smile:


Apparently I can post a reply, but I see no way to ask a question in a new topic? Here’s a screen shot. I see no New Topic button as described in the getting started section.


I tried to post a screen shot, but I get an error: Sorry the file is empty. Maybe this will work.


you need to open a category to create a new topic:

oh, even the category page contains a new topic button. But once you open a topic, there isn’t a button, but you can press c to create a new topic (at least, while not focusing on a text-box)


i have a cquestion how do people use these chats are there any groups that are like pro gramer groups or somthing?