In the codes I wrote below, I don't understand the different usage of brackets. The first one just has 'h' between the bracket, but the second one has id="botswana" inside. Why is there such difference? What happens if you write id, src or href inside the bracket?

<h>Brown Bears</h>
<h1 id="botswana">Botswana</h1>


well, if both elements would be h1:

<h1>Brown Bears</h1>
<h1 id="botswana">Botswana</h1>

how would you distinguish between the elements when applying style? For this we can use id

<h></h> is not a valid html element

src is an attribute for <img> to tell the source/location of the image

href is an attribute for anchor element (<a></a>) to tell the anchor element where it should go (href=hyperlink reference, a hyperlink referencing to a different page/website)


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