Question to Online Educators: Opinion on chatbots in e-learning area


Currently, I work on a project where I analyze the ways of enhancing the online education, trying to find ways on stimulating students’ motivation on online platforms.

One of the ideas is to enable online courses with Chatbots. These are computer programs that can mimic people’s conversations through AI. They can help students with:
• Answering questions on syllabuses
• Assisting educators in many different ways
• Provide surveys
• Setting reminders
• Encourage students to continue online studies (simulating in-class talk with classmates) etc.
Basically, everything could be programmed as part of chatbots functionality.

I would be grateful if you could answer these questions (even briefly) just to give me an idea on educator’s perspectives on chatbots on e-learning?

  1. Do you think having chatbots would enhance online learning?
  2. It would help to solve what problems of educators?
  3. Would you want to have one as part of your online platform?

Thank you for your comments in advance! Any feedback would be very valuable for my research!

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