Question regarding testing Codecademy code in browsers and Notepad++

Edit: With some googling, I solved this by adding the jquery source code file reference in the HTML file before the the references to the JavaScript script and CSS files.

Out of curiosity, after finishing some of the JQuery lessons I copied the code into Notepad++ (the javascript file, css file and html file in the same folder) and noticed that while it worked fine on the Codecademy website, it did not work with Notepad ++ and the browser(I used Chrome). I added the JQuery source code file I had downloaded from the website to the same folder and added a script tag for that file, but that didn’t seem to work either. Is there anything else that would need to be added to make the JQuery code functional in a browser? I have a feeling I may be missing something very simple.

I don’t exactly have enough information to directly help you, but I would like to mention one thing. Sometimes, codecademy seems to do certain things in the background to make their courses work smoothly and be able to teach you. Keep this in mind.

@sgt.schultz pretty much hits it bang on. This entire track has jQuery loaded in the background. To run it locally you need to add that script import to your HTML.

For playing with it locally, your own version is handy for offline work. But if you are connected, use the CDN of your choice. If the version in your browser cache ever gets out of date, a new version will come down from the CDN. That is if you have chosen the URL to the latest version. If you choose a fixed version, it will live in your browser cache and never need to downloaded.

I’ve never had trouble with

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