Question regarding Histograms Part 1 exercise, in the Analyze Data with Python Skill path

Here’s the link of the exercise.

I had to solve it after viewing the solution, but I still don’t understand what the question is asking me to do.

Look at the histogram to the right. How many values in the data set are equal to either 5 or 6?

I’m not sure what are the “either 5 or 6”. Are they the number of samples? In that case, the answer should be 1 instead of 7.

You might be looking at the wrong histogram! The histogram on the right-most panel of the screen shows 5 samples of value 5 and 2 samples of value 6, for 7 total samples of ‘either 5 or 6’

Oh I see. Thank you for clarification!

The one I currently have on the right, actually has 8 samples, the y-axis goes just up to 5, and only the 4th sample touches the value of 5.