Question over Lesson 1 Quiz


Hello Codecademy forums. I am not having a problem with code at this
point. It is more strictly a question that I need answered. Going through
lesson 1 flawlessly, I came upon the quiz in which I scored an 80 upon.

The question I don't understand "What is the data type for the following "false"?"

I went back through the lesson, and read again what was telling me a boolean
can only have "2" values, which equal to True or False. I missed the question
above by answering boolean. The answers are listed below to make it easier
for someone to help me with this.


I'm here just to have someone explain to me why its not a boolean data type.


Because it is enclosed in quotes it is a string.


Ahh, okay I understand now. Thanks mkordik.


The quotes were one of the context clues. The other being that boolean true/false are denoted as True and False, note the capitalization.


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