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I searched on the forums but maybe a quick answer would suffice, as this is just a “wait but why” question:

Why do you need TWO line breaks in this example?

“In index.html, add two line breaks (
) after the sentence that ends with Least Concern.”

I was under the impression that just one line break would be needed to push the next sentence to the next line. I might be answering my own question here, but is this double line break used to add an extra space between the sentences, ie implementation of what would be considered “double spaced”? Or is it so that “Least” will remain on the last line and “Concern” will be moved to the next?

Apologies if the question is convoluted, I may be making it more difficult than it needs to be. Thanks.

It would be less so if we had a context to relate it to. We are not seers, here, and rely upon users posting a link to the exercise in question. Please do so with the expectation of a quicker and more reliable answer.

Sure, no problem.

Here is the page referenced:

Specifically, Line #10 in index.html which contains a double line break before the sentence that starts with “There are many subspecies within the brown bear…”

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The author merely wishes to demonstrate the effect of two line breaks in a row to produce the double-spacing you refer to. They also mention that we see line breaks in use from time to time, but they are not a principle layout, positioning or spacing tool.

You will find in your reading that this is the least effective approach, owing that we have better means at our disposal. HTML paragraphs, for instance, already have a line space between paragraphs, and span elements can be given block level status to permit positioning and line spacing.

Answered above, the author just wants us to see the result.

Thank you for the explanation! I really appreciate it.

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