Question of the Week: Who do you follow?

There are so many great content creators to follow in the tech community. Who are your favorites to follow on Twitter, Medium, and across the internet? Share a link to their profiles so we can find them!


I really like following the “Towards Data Science” group on Medium. There are a few people I follow over on as well. As for twitter, I follow some tech people…but, I also follow newspapers who have excellent analytics/data people—The Texas Tribune, Baltimore Sun and the USA Graphics accounts come to mind. The NYT has a good data dept.and there are several Tableau “Zen Masters” that I follow as well.

These papers also had excellent data visualizations of COVID data all last year.

With you can follow specific programming languages/tags:

Some Tableau stuff:

NYT Graphics:

NYC Data Dept:


Awesome Question, we might find some more people to follow :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

When I first stumbled on Coding/WebDevelopment, Stefan Mischook was the teacher that made most sense to me, through his videos. He is still pretty active, and posts bunch of Videos on all kinds of Topics. So yeah, I’d say I check up on him often.

Anything tech related would be MKBHD, the production of his videos are top notch, and probably at the top of the Ladder.

And since I’ve signed up on Codecademy, been spending a hefty while on the Forum&Blog. Forum is like a classroom for me, where you can ask for help from the fellow classmates. And the Blog Posts seem to be beautifully written.

Looking forward to see what others got to say :+1:


I like listening to the Code Newbie podcasts when I’m doing basic things like folding laundry and taking a shower


I completely agree, Stefan Mischook was one of the very first people I came across on my coding journey! Great content and wisdom.

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Pursuant to where I derive the most satisfaction, it’s the learners, the newbies and the ones who’ve gotten charged up. Their questions lead me to all sorts of articles and resources. While I may bookmark them, sadly in my case, I’ve never made good use of bookmarks, but to search for the odd one. Nose to the ground like a dog is more the case with me. I’m also not really a video person so look for prose with examples, for the most part. If I learn anything useful it then gets passed on to the learner. What they garner from search is on them. Hopefully my answers spur them on.

Who do I follow online? Since I cannot answer that question, then I’ll replace it with another… Who do I trust? What media outlet is publishing the most trustworthy articles? To me, that is more important, given the way I track down and consume content. There is no running score on authors. Sorry. Just doesn’t fit my template. I trust CSS-TRICKS, and HTML5Doctor, and MDN, and WHATWG, and the likes. I also trust Medium as a viable platform for decent articles.

So far the only mention is along HTML/CSS lines but the list goes on once we delve into other languages. To reiterate, for me it’s all about what I can find with search given the learner’s question. It’s the learner I follow.


When learning, I loved to visit the channel Mike Dane .He teaches a lot of good stuff on YouTube


Mike Dane has also created a bunch of videos for Codecademy (including many of the project walkthroughs) :grin:


He has? I I have not seen it yet…

Big fan of Dave2D for his top notch and well edited tech videos. He gives some really great insight on the tech industry from the viewpoint of a consumer.

On Twitter I follow the topics Web development and *JavaScript *:sunglasses::+1:t2::ok_hand:

On a more conceptual / philosophical level, I love Jaron Lanier and Jonathan Haidt for their critical perspectives on the role of tech and social media.

To a certain degree, I also enjoy reading Cathy O’Neill for her fresh perspectives on things - even if I don’t always agree with her takes.

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Gavin Belson of HOOLI @GavinBelsonCEO

Although this might come across as COMICAL, I still find watching SILICON VALLEY as a MAJOR reference point.

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MKBHD. I live how precise and entertaining his videos are.