Question of the Week: What will learning to code enable you to do?

I was told I was not good at math/ horrible tuned out STEM teachers growing up. So I went into the arts and got me two fancy degrees that mean nothing because I don’t have a Ph.D…I tried to… PIVOT!!! …into the legal field so I could at least use the fancy writing I meticulously honed and got me maybe to miles just outside of nowhere. So: Coding has to work. Learning to Code is my remote-work-layoff-proof-redemption-story-arc :cowboy_hat_face: (<== because I’m learning i don’t have the white hat yet)


I’d love to overcome my own procrastination and frustraion and become a full stack dev in the future so I can support myself and my family financially


Now it’s not about the job you want or you dream of but of what will secure you in the future with this evolutions innovate ways taking life to another level.


As a hairstylist and creative human, I also find myself the CEO of our hair services company. We will be focusing now much more on our consultation and educational products. I would like to have the skill sets to develop this platform myself, so I can minimize risk of exposure to unsustainable expenditure.


I’m learning to code properly because it used to be a fun thing to watch on TV shows for me and it made me start it out as a hobby but now iIm looking to make a career switch and code full time :black_heart: :blush:


I am learning to code because I want to be a professional programmer when I grow up. Plus I really like traveling so I want to have a remote job! :slight_smile:


I want to be able to work remote and create cool things!

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I’m wanting to learn to code in order to make taking notes and generating information from them much smoother.
My degrees (BA & MA) were in English Literature and I want to continue that to a PhD. Lots of information I’d be searching through - making nicer, neater looking notes than simple word documents, and using SQL to actually get the information I’ve been collecting in an easy to read table.

Awesome solutions! I also have the same case in my project.

I am sorry you are facing danger, and am inspired by the proactive approach to the possible crisis. May it not happen, and may you and your family be safe. Perhaps these skills will be useful to influence the situation in Brazil, as a lawyer and developer.

Wow! That’s awesome. All the best!

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Oh my god that’s what I love about it, too!

I code for multiple reasons -

  1. I started coding in 2004 when subject of javascript and VbScript was introduced in my high school and I loved it
  2. I find this field allows us to be creative about our solutions to a problem
  3. It is constantly evolving so you will never bored
  4. Also I am looking for work in this field

Hello All, I learned to code in 1968. A language named APT written in Fortran for the purpose of programming machines and robots. We make physical things with code. This is the CAD CAM CNC world. This career is fun and $$ Get onto this. there is a screaming shortage of this skill in the manufacturing world.

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I like this question! I started learning to code because I think it is a very valuable skill to learn for todays competitive society. Above all that it is fun, I like the idea to be able to make software to improve our lives personally and help others as well.

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Why I’m learning code ?

Because I need some engineering skills to actively contribute to the decentralized web3 ecosystem. I want to build smart contracts, dApp, and core blockchain protocol to solve problems frustrating me in the current financial system.

Learning to code will enable me to make a much-needed career change from being a special education teacher, to working with computers and programming. I’m excited to embark on something that fascinates me, engages me, and doesn’t drain me.

I work as a consultant, and I’m tired of giving limited solutions in excel to solve complex collaboration systems. I want to learn how to deploy advanced systems to solve their issues while having all that information crossed with their ERP`s into dashboards and reports.

To be able to solve problems in my society and also get a decent remote job.

I hope to complete my sci-fi/Fantasy manuscript in a timely manner. Code is an integral part of this story. BTW, I am seeking a Code Review partner. Do you have some code I can review? I have some code you can review, also. Right now, am working on the Mixed Messages project. Hit me up!