Question of the Week: What tips would you share with learners considering the freelancing route?

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

Many learners decide they want to go the freelance route.

If you’re a veteran freelancer, what is something you wish you’d known before you had chosen that path? Share your tips and tricks for being a freelance developer in the comments below!


Biggest mistake we can make is trying to go it alone right out of the gate. This is not freelancing, but wasting a lot of people’s time (including our own) and the money is not very good either. It’s like getting paid for a hobby.

The idea of freelancing is striking out on one’s own after having had years of working with a team. By this point we will have acquired skills across a lot of the whole spectrum and will be able to prioritize and delegate, as well as plan and coordinate a project. Still, being a freelancer doesn’t mean we work alone in a bubble. Our skills and knowledge guide us in choosing who to hire for specific tasks, piece it out to them, verify their work, and write the cheque.