Question of the Week: Remote Mentorships

Happy Monday, everyone!

Have you ever been mentored in remote workplaces? If so, what did that look like? What was the process for meeting with your mentor?

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Yes. We scheduled times to “meet” and then used Google Meet and shared our screens when necessary. It went well.


I have used team viewer for sharing screen and Telegram or facebook for chat and talk.

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I actually work a full time remote job that I started this year. We would schedule teams meetings throughout the week so that I could login to the meetings and share screens/go over tasks/discuss questions I had.

Everything worked pretty smooth as those hours were set in our schedule already, and my manager usually had an agenda already planned out for us.


I do have a family friend who acts as a sort of mentor that helps me through my coding and gives me very helpful tips. We haven’t yet, but he has offered to do a zoom call so that he can help me with certain things.

He lives close to me, so sometimes he will come over to my house to talk through the code I’ve written.

He is very helpful and I’m thankful for all the tips, tricks, and helpful encouragements he’s given me.


I will be happy to find the following options in Codecademy:

  1. Online chat for short answers - up to 5 minutes.
  2. Prebooked one or tow ours session… using some helpful software for remote mentorship.
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This is what I ask my Codecademy teacher few days ago. It would be nice to have a Pre Booked Session.

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