Question of the Week: Reflecting on 2021

Hi everyone!

What were some of the highlights and lowlights from your learning journey in 2021?

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Hello everyone and my name is Ali and I just want to say that coding has helped me in a way that I cannot explain. I am a 13 year old boy just sitting in his desk trying to learn. Some of the highlights for my year was learning HTML and CSS because it has helped me a lot and is even helping me with my science project. One of my lowlights for my year was learning JavaScript because it was a easy language to begin with, but became harder later on. Codecademy team members, thank you so much for everything because you are making my dream to one day become a software engineer become true. I still have a lot to learn!


hello everyone,am rayaatta and am 14 anyway i have learnt a lot mainly html and css but java and javascript have toughened the more i learn any way,thanks to codecademy


This year I learned a lot of new content with Python and was on the forums a little bit as well! I’m proud of myself for sticking through with that!

Although for most of the Fall-Winter seasons I did slow down on my learning and going on the forums a lot. But after reading everyones comments and accomplishments, I’m encouraged and inspired to start learning again and be more active on the forums! :smiley:


I would say my low was back in January because that was the beginning of my coding journey before that I didn’t take it seriously. I would say I am currently on my high because I learned CSS, JS, and 75% through the front-end course. And I also coded a good looking front end website


My highlights and lowlights were tightly coupled this year. I have been learning and working in Python for a total of five years and other languages before that. Several times this year I learned something new about Python (e.g. decorators, PEP documentation), highlight! which was followed immediately by the realization I didn’t know Python nearly as well as I thought I did, lowlight. I kept saying, “wow, I thought I knew Python but then I learned about ____.” (Finding my place in the Dunning–Kruger effect - Wikipedia)

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2021 was the year I picked up coding and managed to stick with it. I started the CS career path in April and I’m halfway through CS102. Proceeding slowly, I know, but I have a 30 hours/week job in a hotel and I’m doing a PhD, so I try to dedicate anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours a day on coding, taking notes and trying to understand everything. I’ve been very satisfied with what I’ve done so far and proud that I managed to not only stick with it but actually love it. My long term goal is to eventually (12–18 months) be job ready as a full-stack developer. I’m very optimistic for 2022 and looking forward to learning more than ever.

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