Question of the Week: Note-taking Strategies

Hi when i learn first i watch the video and if i dont remember about anything i take note. :slight_smile:

My project credit card generator. The main advantage of the credit card generator is that it allows users to make use of the system even without the knowledge of the person using it. Hence, people may end up spending more money on these fake generators than they actually have. The fake CC systems are made available online; so users do not have to look too hard to find them.

What a amazing team here. Going to do it too then. Then we can reach the productivity and our goals. I did a screen shots on CodeCademy for me. So I have them in folders on my laptop. Actually have to find out better way for my notes. I am quiet fancy for the google notes. Do not know why my brain can not take such a easy information or instruction. I forget almost all again. So I must do better notes. But I must say sometimes the hand writing is very useful. So do not hesitate with hand writing. Also it is a lot things to write. So also the links are important. Thank you all for the hint.

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Thanks for sharing that! I’ve been taking notes by hand because it’s how I’ve always learned best, but it’s been SUPER time consuming. I just preferred it to other applications I know of for digital note taking.

I’m checking Notion out now!

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Streamline your note-taking game, and ace those exams like a boss!

So, here’s the scoop: I’m all about keeping it simple yet effective. First off, ditch the pen and paper – we’re in the digital age, peeps! Type 'em notes up!

But where to keep 'em safe and sound? Well, let me spill the beans – check out It’s like your virtual notebook, always there when you need it! Plus, it’s super easy to organize your thoughts and find stuff later. No more digging through piles of paper!

Now, about that QOTW – note-taking strategies. My go-to move? Keep it concise, fam! Ain’t nobody got time for pages of rambling. Stick to keywords and bullet points, and you’re golden! And don’t forget to review those bad boys regularly. Repetition is key, my friends!