Question of the Week: Code Buddy/ Study Group

What are your pros and cons of working with a code buddy and/or study group?

Feel free to share your experience of working alongside others as you learn a new language or build a project.

Pros: easier to find errors, support and opinion, socializing, and many more.

Cons: schedule can’t match up, arguing, communication trouble, and many more.


Pro :

  • new look on your code allowing to find logical or grammatical errors,
  • link with collegues,
  • discover new techniques/tools, …

Cons :

  • if the collegue isn’t agreable it can’t quickly become annoying and feels like you are answering to a teacher,
  • it can be hard to change your view. In one way or another, if you are used to think that you are right or if you are used to think that other are right,
  • communicating work in both way so if one person doesn’t feels like it, the echange won’t be positive.

While tacking my high school’s programming class, the teacher put us in pairs for pair programming. Both worked on algorithms first, chose the best one, then one typed code while the other watched for mistakes. It was a good system unless you could never agree with your partner about the algorithms or the watcher wasn’t paying attention to mistakes. Overall, it was great for teamwork, designing better algorithms, and remembering correct syntax.


Hello, can you help me. I can’t log into the Chat at the top right? Also, do you assign code buddies or study groups? Thanks!