Question of the Week: Best Holiday Gifts for Devs

The holiday season is quickly approaching and with that comes the rush to buy gifts and take advantage of discounts and sales. However, gifts for developers and coders can be very different than typical gifts.

What kind of gifts do you think would be perfect for devs? :gift:

Post below your ideas for the PERFECT gifts for developers and coders! It could be tools, hardware, subscriptions, online classes, or even spa days to relax from all the debugging.


I’ll go first.

I think one of the best gifts for anyone that sits in front of a computer all day is a good pair of bluetooth headphones.

The Bose QCII or the Sony WH-1000XM4 would be my absolute go-to if I had to buy a gift


Keyboard, chair, or the all important rubber duck!


If you have the funds and you really like this person, a standing desk converter! I don’t have a specific model in mind because my standing desk is fixed and homebuilt, but if I were to do it again, there are now motorized sit-stand desks that are much more reasonably priced than they were when I was first looking into this.


@8-bit-gaming any specific type or brand?

Like, I have a K3 from Keychron mechanical keyboard and I freaking love this thing. Chairs though, I don’t really know much

Another gift for a dev you really like: a Theragun massage gun. Pricey but they really work!

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A few good duck brands I know of are Ad Line, Tubbz, and CelebraDucks.
Ad Line makes good ducks if your just looking for some basic character, though if you want something more specific, like your favorite television character, I’d go with Tubbz.
CelebraDucks is also good if you’re looking for a celebrity.

I really like viper keyboards (and mice for that matter). I’v been using a V770 for awhile now, and love it.

As for chairs, I don’t have much experience there either. I still only have an old beat up leather chair, so if you wanted to send a gift or anything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Until recently I had a tiny ikea desk with my laptop, and a basic external monitor, standing behind it, a mouse, and a decent Ikea desk chair (and I needed to use a footrest too), Last week it was my birthday and I got a standing desk, and a monitor arm with laptoptray, th Mx Keys mini keyboard which matches my MX Anywhere 3 mouse. And In may this year I bought myself an Asus Zenbook Flip with 13 inch Oled screen, So I am done for now. I love my new Setup very much as I am working from home.


One of my personal faves is a wee gas monitor arm with a stand (it looks more like a music stand, screws into a VESA mount). Reading a book? Stick it the stand. Want a temporary additional monitor? Stick your tablet on it. Need more space? Push it out the way. If I could find one with the ability to lock tight enough to write on without wobble I’d probably buy two.

At the moment I’m using a wee foldout artists easel for writing but the mobile monitor arms are just so much nicer to just slide out the way as and when you want them to, plus they look all techy which is like half the point :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

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A one year pro membership of codecademy pro


I’m surprised nobody has recommended any monitors yet!

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I really want a one-year pro membership it is perfect as I am going to be a freshman in the next month.

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A little gift like this :))))


I’ve heard good things about COLEMAK and/or DVORAK keyboards. Maybe something to look into!

Otherwise, maybe cord organizers to keep my desk looking tidy. Or one of those desktop mug warmers so my tea doesn’t get cold.