Question, Javascript

Given a month as an integer from 1 to 12, return to which quarter of the year it belongs as an integer number.

For example: month 2 (February), is part of the first quarter; month 6 (June), is part of the second quarter; and month 11 (November), is part of the fourth quarter. Need help

What’s your knowledge of Javascript so far? Do you know the basic syntax of functions?
Can you provide a function with an empty function body?
In that function body you could plan your steps by writing them as comments. Than we can guide you through it rather than just providing a solution.

Sorry, ı’m not good at javascript. my main profession design. ıt’s just my lesson but ı can’t understand and can’t solve

But you want to learn it, right? I think it wouldn’t be helpful if I just provided a solution.
How far did you get with the Javascript course? Did you do the function course already? That would be the necessary basis. Then you could start with a basic function declaration.

Yes. ı wanna learn. ı’m learning switch. if and else but ı don’t know how can ı use this in this project. ı meant “Month” problem that ı sent. I know what ıf and else can do but why ı can’t

Give me something to start with. Like a basic function that uses either if/else or switch. It doesn’t have to work. I want to understand where you stand and where you’re stuck exactly. If you just needed a solution, you could check the get unstuck section and have a look at codecademy’s solution.