[Question]How Google Did the Snap effect?

Hey hi There ,

I hope it’s not un-appropried to post this one Here .

But i thought i could post it here so google have done something on the google search if you type thanos as keyword you would see a gauntlet (on the very top in phone version or at the right in computer)

if you click on it you ’ ll see by yourself


Even Google’s search results are not safe from Thanos!

Cool.effect. It is a canvas effect no doubt driven by a small script. The mechanics behind it would be cool to see, but how we would see it is anybody’s guess. Don’t know if I’d want to be snooping around their code without some form of permission, but hey, this is the internet.

The place to ask would be on Google’s Developer forum. Maybe you’ll get an answer or demonstration.

animating with canvas

would be a worthwhile search phrase.