Question for Software Developers/ Engineers in the field

Hello Developers/Engineers,

I’m looking to become a Software Developer/ Engineer and am wondering if I am going on the correct path of doing the full-stack engineering course or is there a path of courses here that you would recommend following from your experience?
A little bit about myself:
I have been working in the IT industry for over 8 years as a desktop support engineer
I have a B.S in electrical engineering
I learned machine, C++, and a little bit of java in college but it’s been 8 years since that so I really don’t remember much but I know from my job experience I am able to see code and understand it.

Currently, in Houston, the average pay for my current field is around 40-50k yearly and I am looking to change my field because I feel I’m in something that is looked down upon and not appreciated as much, and it’s just getting harder to live on that wage. Being in my current job has required me to travel and now I’m looking to settle down with my partner. I loved coding in college and making things work from nothing. Since this will be a career change for me I just want to make sure I am learning the correct fundamentals first before adventuring later in my career into other languages.

Thank you for all your help and advice.



You have a solid background to get into the field. Are you more interested in low level / hardware stuff closer to your EE background? Do you like c++? Have you tried interpreted languages like python?
Get up to speed with one or the other and try to solve problems / build projects. See how you like it and start applying for positions once you feel comfortable