Question about writing code in a console on Chrome


Hello, I’ve recently completed the JS course here at codecademy, now I’m reading You Don’t Know JavaScript and practicing their exercises in the developers console through in Chrome. But every time I press enter it runs my code. In the console here I can use enter to go to the next line, that way I can make the layout of my code easier for myself to understand. Right now I’m cramming everything line after line and it’s not as easy to see. Any help? thanks

  1. You can use shift+enter to go to next line in js console.
  2. You could use notepad, or another text editor and when ready to try code copy and paste to console.


Cool, I figured something simple would do the trick. Any other suggestions for someone trying to break into the web developer/JS field? thanks


Learn html and css once you know some javascript, you might hate it, but it is essential.
I would use a text editor if you work on something that is more then 10 lines probably, easier to keep track of it.
make SMALL projects. Something really small, do lots of them, they do not have to be useful or great they are just great learning experiences.


Original small projects or just unoriginal code? Just within a browsers console or I assume they actually need to be applied somewhere? I’ve read that GitHub is a great place to contribute to projects. Thanks again!


Github can be a nice place to contribute, but could be a hassle if you are just beginning.
The projects don’t have to original or not, it’s just good to make things, you learn by practicing and the best way to practice is to make projects.