Question about "welcome to Pyhton"


I have installed Python on my computer, it’s IDLE (Python 3.6 32-bit).
In that version, I need to add parenthesis in the code in order to print " welcome to Python "
I wonder why Codecademy version of python doesn’t.

For example:
IDLE (Python 3.6 32-bit)
print(“Welcome to Python”)

print “Welcome to Python”

Why does it have slightly different syntax?


Hi @cloudrockstar86717,

Codecademy uses Python version 2.7.x, in which print is not a function. In version 3.0, print was implemented as a function, as it has been in all subsequent 3.x versions.


Got it. Thanks, man. Perhaps you may not know how much I appreciated your guidance It was a humble feeling to be able to be inspired by your words.
I’ve just finished my first term in Computer Science in Uopeople, I have no prior background in coding.
Before that, I was in Codecademy every now and then trying to learn code but doesn’t seem to work out. I couldn’t figure out why I can’t learn code at that time, now I know. So far, I have taken “Logic and Computational thinking” on edX, I have done it halfway through. Also, I have read half “Think Python”, and finish the first course of computer science.
Through those efforts, it enables me to understand your words.
Once again, thank you so so much.


Love that book! :smiley:

For an explanation regarding why print was made into a function, see PEP 3105 – Make print a function.


Thanks. additional reading completed.