Question about the point of Conditionals & Control portion



To move to the next topic the answer is either true or false depending on the equations given..

now my question is: do we have to manually solve the equation and type "True" or "False" depending on the answer on the variable, OR do we have to write a code which will generate the correct answer (True or False depending on the equation given)?

Is this lesson about knowing how to calculate manually and just type True or False to the code or how to write a code that will generate for us the answer for the equations?

im really new to coding and everything and I really want to understand the point of this lesson..


This lesson is there just to show you what these comparators do, they compare... It also makes a connection to previous lessons, booleans. You are supposed to do the operations manually, and say if they are true or false. Ofcourse, if you were to make a program to define if the operations are true or false on its own, that would also be easy, considering the fact that the computer already knows that. For example, if you assign to a variable the comparison 9>3, (for example: var = 9>3), and then print that variable, the console will show "True", because 9 is bigger than 3. Now, you can use that for other stuff with if and else statements for more complex programs, but I believe that's enough. Feel free to ask anything else


This entire group of lessons is critically important. We cannot hope to write good logic if we don't recognize logic, or errors in it. We need to let our brain absorb these lessons and really master the exercises. It is meant to be brain work.

If you are wrestling with this, then don't abandon it. Stay at it and do more execises on your own. Experiment. Write out expressions on paper (scenarios) and translate to code that gives the correct outcome. Get very comfortable with comparison and logical operators. You need this skill to move forward successfully.


thanks for the reply guys... I did it manually but writing just true or false is so straight forward to me.. so I kinda did this.. it not only solves the equation but prints the answer for us.. I hope this is still within the intention of this topic..

# Assign True or False as appropriate on the lines below!

# Set this to True if 17 < 328 or to False if it is not.
bool_one = True   # We did this one for you!
# Set this to True if 100 == (2 * 50) or to False otherwise.
bool_two = 100 == (2 * 50) 
print bool_two
# Set this to True if 19 <= 19 or to False if it is not.
bool_three =  19 <= 19 
print bool_three
# Set this to True if -22 >= -18 or to False if it is not.
bool_four = -22 >= -18 
print bool_four
# Set this to True if 99 != (98 + 1) or to False otherwise.
bool_five =  99 != (98 + 1) 
print bool_five


This is tantamount to cheating. What do you expect to learn?


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