Question about the forums

Hello World!

I’ve been using codecademy for about 3ish weeks now. I just finished my js part II code challenges to intermediate javascript. They were something else.

That’s the reason for my post. As most of us, we’re out here doing this on our own. There were sometimes that I was stuck for so long and didn’t want to hit view solution to make sure that i’m figure it out to ensure that I’m soaking in the material. However, there have been times that when I finally figure it out. I dont have a solid grasp on why it worked and would help if i had people to talk through it.

Thank god so far this hasn’t happened too often. However i’m getting to a point now that it’s getting more challenging and I dont really have anybody to ask for help as i don’t know anybody else that codes. I’ve never been on any forums before and I realize if I search I can always find the same problem i’m working on and then the answer. I dont really want to see the answer and would rather post to talk to someone that can guide me through the answer to learn the concept.

I’m not going to get shunned for reposting the same ? that someone else posted on a different thread am i !? I’d just like to talk some of these things through with somebody.

Thanks and sorry for the long post!!


Hi there.

I can say with a good degree of certainty that if you were to post a question about any of the lessons or exercises from the Codecademy material, you’ll probably get a response from one of our incredible group of Super Users who’ll talk you through the material without giving you a complete solution.

The Super Users (SU’s for short) are Codecademy users just like you, who also spend their time here on the forums helping people who are stuck and passing along what they’ve learned along the way. :slight_smile:

Alternatively, if you’d like a more immediate channel for conversation about whatever you’re stuck on, there’s an official community Discord channel where you can talk code with other learners:


Awesome thank you so much for the link to the discord! That’s going to help so much.

I appreciate you explaining the SUs and I’ll make sure to leverage the forums and discord.

This helped a ton!