Question about Projects

I just finished a project and it looks like the system didn’t check to see if it was correct. Is this how it’s supposed to be? Seems like a bad way to do this.


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Projects have an honor systen check list, If you believe you have completed a step, you check it off. There is no lesson checker. Either your code works, or it does not. It is all on the learner to make this happen, without a net.

Thanks, but there’s no where to check the correct code?

For example, I know 100% I got one of the assignments wrong, but it still allowed me to move forward. I’d love to see what the correct code for it was.

Thank you!

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Free form projects are for us to learn how to build from scratch, only with a little guidance and direction. The best we can do is look at your code, copy and run it in our environment and evaluate whether it follows the instructions given for the project (and runs as expected). If you want someone to check your code then post it in a topic.

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I do like the fact that CodeAcademy makes you figure out the projects on your own, but I just don’t get how we get zero feedback from it once we submit. We’re not able to understand any mistake(s) that we made with our code and the fact that it let’s us continue without understanding this is frustrating to me.


can’t you ask an advisor to review your project? I thought that was one of the advisors tasks

We have advisors? Where do I find this?

Only Pro members have advisors. If you are Pro subscriber then in the lesson interface at the lower right you will have an intercom button. Click that to start a chat with an advisor.

but freeform projects are part of pro, right? So surely if you have freeform projects, you should have access to an advisor

Were there no tracks on the free side with free form projects? Is Litebrite a Pro project?

I thought all freeform projects where part of pro?

Simple way to find out: @scott529 do you have a pro-subscription or free pro-trail?

I am a pro member, but I do not have an option to consult with an advisor. There is a “Get Help” button on the bottom right, but all that allows me to do is reset the project.

Something is not right. You should have an intercom button and access to an advisor. Do you have a contact email address to take this up with CC?

you should have this button in the bottom right:


to contact an advisor

Yeah, I will contact them to see what’s going on. Thank you guys!

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