Question about pipenv & numpy

Hello everyone,

I am up to the pipenv lesson in the Python 3 course. After some trial and error, I was able to install and run everything like he did in the video. I have two questions however:

  1. How do I view the pipfile and piplock like he does in the video? I am using windows CMD

  2. I was able to install requests without any problems and it took make 10 - 15 seconds to install. When I tried to install numpy, it said it was installing for a couple of minutes without doing anything so I eventually closed it out. Is numpy just much bigger than requests or does this mean that something is wrong on my end?

Thanks for your help!

Those files will just be stored in the directory where you create your environment. You can use whatever file browser you like to locate them or the shell if you prefer working there. If you’re looking to follow the video as closely as possible the “text editor” referred to in the video is vs code which is quite a popular editor-

There are other options for code editors with similar tools if you’d rather use something else though.

Numpy is quite a large install and depending on your system may need to be partially built on your side which can be very slow under certain circumstances. It’s impossible to know for certain if there’s a problem on your end but try waiting for a much longer period than just a couple of minutes before looking into possible errors.

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Thank you very much tgrtim for your help. That is very helpful and I am going to download visual studio code.


This was the most helpful post I’ve seen! I’m new to coding and decades older than a lot of people starting on this journey. Perhaps notes could be added to the lessons to let us know what text editor (or whatever other program) is being used by the instructor in the video?
Thanks so much tgrtim!!