Question about next()


Can anyone explain me why this code for pressing 'n' key work only with variables?

   else if(event.which===110){
        var currentArticle=$('.current');

I guess this should be the shame thing, but it doesn't work.

else if(event.which===110){
//var currentArticle=$('.current');


Hey Ionutch,

So first, you select all elements with the current class, then you remove the class current. Then, you select the .current article - but wait, there isn't a current article. Since no elements have the current class anymore (because we removed it on line 1 shown above), we can't select .current.

With the variables, we select the correct elements, then do stuff with them. Since the selection happens before we modify anything when we use a variable, everything works smoothly :slight_smile:

Does this help?

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Istvan, you are amazing!
I get it now! I found a solution that works without variables:




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